January 18, 2022 6:54 pm

Apple patents its own Surface Neo


It seems that Apple wants to pick up the baton from Microsoft’s Surface Neo, and launch a similar device, at least as intuited in this patent.


Perhaps many are still waiting for Microsoft to dare to launch the Surface Neo on the market in a project aimed at Windows 10X and 0x0 0x0 , but it is likely that Apple has taken a very good note, and they want to release a future similar device, at least it seems to predict it. a new patent discovered patterjack.


And it is that Apple could be working on its own Surface Neo, so at least it has been discovered in a patent that has just obtained approval in the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a double folding device. This device has a design similar to an iPad or a laptop and with a double folding screen.


This device, when entering joint operating mode, could display images or videos on both screens that would go in unison, also presenting the relevant data on both panels if the user deemed it appropriate.


So when the device is in joint operation mode the images could be spread across the two screens , and equally the speakers can be used to reproduce different channels of an audio track. Cameras and sensors can be used in cooperation with each other by sharing resources.


The patent refers to its use in multiple electronic devices and displays that are used in an extended system. Obviously we can also configure it so that it can be passed from a joint operating mode to an independent operating mode, making each of the devices work separately.


Obviously there would be magnetic components to ensure that the devices are held together in various orientations and shapes.


The invention is aimed at productivity since it would not be the first time that a simple iPad has to rely on a laptop as it requires another screen. By having two screens in a single safe device that would greatly facilitate the work.

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