October 16, 2021 9:46 pm

Exhibit Rentals – How to Boost Your Business in the Eyes of the Public

The table presentations in your booth must be covered with excellent quality cloth that looks official and attractive. Company logo must be displayed prominently on banners and various places where they can be seen from a distance and draw people. Products displayed on a table must be done so aesthetically. The display must be uncluttered, with larger products displayed at the back and smaller ones in front. The personnel you deploy to your booth must be excellent marketing professionals.Custom Exhibit Rentals

They should be able to engage in pleasant conversation with visitors, speak about your products in simple, easy to understand language and collect contact information from visitors. Make sure the booth is never unmanned and that the staff are always courteous, however irritating a visitor maybe. Confrontation with customers is never an option, so make sure your personnel are prepared to give everyone a patient hearing and answer all queries in a knowledgeable manner.

If the exhibit booth rental you have is large, then you can always have a small conference table set up where meetings with customers can take place. If on the other hand, the space is small, organize it such that displays can be seen and yet people can walk around comfortably without bumping into each other. Stationery, dustbins, water coolers must be kept for people’s convenience. Plenty of brochures, pamphlets or booklets about products on display must be kept to distribute to customers. Very often, people who visit exhibits will not take a decision to buy a product at once but want to watch a demo and decide later. Product literature will help them in this decision making process.

Even if you get exhibit booth rental, make sure that you have your own lighting if you cannot hire it. Your booth must be well lit to interest people and enable them to seen all corners of the booth display easily. Trade show booth rental sometimes work out cheaper than owning your own booth, maintaining, storing and transporting it all over the country. Whether you rent or display really depends on how many exhibits you attend each year and the marketing budget your company has.

If you decide to go with exhibit booth rental rather than purchasing a booth, most big cities have established booth rental companies. In fact, there is an entire industry that is established on all exhibit requirements. Here, you can get different sizes and types of booths, exhibit rentals that are manufactured from vinyl, plastic, fabric, acrylic and such. The choice of your booth rental must depend on your own budget and the display area you are allotted at the exhibition center. Low cost, excellent booth displays are available, so scout the market and get the right one.

Article by Mark Delacruz of PopAndExhibits, who is a specialist in exhibit displays. For more information on trade show displays, visit his site today.


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