October 16, 2021 9:56 pm

Why the New Testament Conflicts With the Old Testament

After the Catholic Church was started by Constantine in 325 AD it has problems. The delegates of the Nicaea Council returned to their parishes without clear direction and struggling to understand the Trinity that had suddenly been presented to them. It appears that the model of Jesus Christ which the emperor gave them was borrowed from Krishna, the 3rd person of the Indian Vedic Trinity, which many disagreed with.

Late in the century Bishop Damasus of Rome appoint Jerome to unite the religion and give it order and a text that all could follow. His diaries and letters note what he did and are in the public records.

He deciphered the Septuagint from the Greek version as he could not read Hebrew. He added it to the New Testament (of his own compilation). While many of the stories were already known few, if any, Romans knew of the Septuagint or of its contents. This meant he had no critics for what he altered in it. They also knew nothing of the promises in the prophecies that a major conspiracy would steal the name of God and produce a stumbling block for God’s spiritual people (Isaiah 57:14).

The Romans interest was in power and they employed violence and terror as their main weapon for control. Their raids of nations from England to the Balkans and Europe to North Africa were horrendous. They stole, enslaved, murdered and abused people whom they placed under their rule. cansa

Constantine ruled with an iron hand and gained sole rule by manipulation and stealth. He not only defeated other emperors but wiped out their family and armies to leave no one to rise against him.

He organized the murder of his eldest son before putting in place the Catholic Church and building the Vatican as a parliament to exercise his power and control over the different cultures and societies incorporated in the empire. He also put up the image of Jesus Christ and Mary (the mother god of Babylon) as the Mother of God.

He gave bishops power over life and death and they answered to him as Pontificate Maximus. They freely murdered or imprisoned anyone who dissented from their religious worship. The emperor’s edicts declaring that anyone who did not worship according to his instructions would be killed (Revelation 13:14). He bears the number 666 (Revelation 13:18)

Jerome appears to have written the Book of Matthew which details the story of the birth of Christ based on the story of Krishna. The latter escaped from the evil king Cansa who slew babies under 2 years of age to avoid a challenge to his kingship.

Jerome introduced the law; order of Mass; instruments; costumes; calendar; and festivals which he took from the Imperial Roman Religion of Islam. He published the two books as the Vulgate at the end of the 4th CAD.

He had no knowledge of the Spirit of God or of what the prophecies reveal. They speak of reincarnation (Job 5:19-22, Isaiah 26:19) and of the mountain of God that will appear in the last days (Micah 4:1). They also highlight the conspiracy against the Spirit and the truth (Ezekiel 22:25-28).

Jerome noted in his letters to Damasus that he added bits to what he then called the Old Testament to make it align with his work, especially in relation to the Trinity. He then changed the language of the church to avoid criticism by the Jews.

The two books are at odds with each other because the Old Testament holds the prophecies given by God to the children of Israel. The New Testament is a fanciful book of myths and dreams based on a three-sided male God and a host of angels, saints and devils


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