October 25, 2021 5:12 pm

Exploring Castles and the Like in Helmsley

Exploring castles and the like in Helmsley, North Yorkshire, England is a fine activity for the casual tourist sightseeing Builders North Wales in the northeast part of the country. Situated on the River Rye, which is famous for having powered water mills along its course for centuries, the town lies alongside the A170 road.

Helmsley is famous in part for the presence of Helmesley Castle, an ancient medieval structure which dominates the town’s view. First built of wooden materials in the year 1120, the structure began to be re-constructed from stone starting around 1186, by the original builder’s son. The castle was privately held for much of its existence and is still considered part of what’s called Duncombe Park, though it now belongs to the English Heritage, a governmental caretaker for English historic buildings.

Scenically, Helmsley benefits from its central location to the Yorkshire Moors, and is a good walking and hiking area because of the presence of the Cleveland Way, one of twelve long-distance National Trails in England. The town still holds its market — from which it gained its designation as a market town — which has taken place regularly since the 12th century.

Another fine place for the tourist to explore is historic Duncombe Park, which in addition to Helmsley Castle also has a restored mansion in its parkland. Also additionally, there are shops, stores and and a cafe on the site. There are still members of royalty, and who are descendants of the original Lord Feversham, who reside at the Park.

North Yorkshire, the non-metropolitan county in which Helmsley resides, enjoys a population of nearly 1.1 million people. It is located in the northeast of England, and is also its largest ceremonial county. There are also two of the eleven national parks of England and Wales within its borders. Both Helmsley and North Yorkshire are classic examples of English culture and living.

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