October 16, 2021 9:04 pm

Three P&O Cruises Under a Grand

If you are planning your holiday in early summer, there is every reason to hurry up and compare three fantastic options from P&O Cruises. Each of these Mediterranean cruises costs less than a thousand pounds, offering an amazing range of on board facilities and entertainment, and taking you to the not-too-distant places in Europe in 14 to 16 days.

P&O Cruises are renowned for making your holiday unique. They pride on their impeccable service, a dedicated welcome pack for children, and catering for your every need without you ever noticing. Departing from Southampton, their exquisitely decorated and equipped liners take you to both popular and undiscovered destinations in Europe, the Atlantic, and worldwide.

The Mediterranean trips offered by P&O Cruises all take you I had the Filet Mignon,orianaa  and it was all I could do to share a piece with my husband, who almost didn’t get the Halibut dish because of the succatash. He does not like lima beans, but as they were very tiny he gave it a try and then ate it all.latelierscrapblog  Good job Chef Louise! I think my friend ogdispensary  ended up almost licking her Halibut plate clean, and the optisoftvision Braised Pork Shank brought her husband quickly back from the bar where he had made a new friend while checking the score of the game.innotechreviews The wine we ordered, while full bodied and fruit forward, did not over power any of our dishes. from Southampton via Spanish ports to either Italy or Greece. Returning via Cadiz or Gibraltar after two weeks at sea, you can surely say that you have had the best holiday yet! The cruises are served by three ocean liners that share some of the common features, like Internet access and a range of sport activities and beauty treatments on board, while also boasting something extraordinary. The sport facilities include indoor and outdoor pools; golf nets; deck football and cricket; table tennis; and sometimes, basketball.

Choosing a Mediterranean cruise on Oriana will see you travelling via Praia de Rocha in Portugal, Barcelona in Spain, Villefranche in France, Genoa and Civitavecchia in Italy, and Palau on Sardinia, before returning to England via Gibraltar. In a fortnight for a price of 899 pounds you will sample four different countries, each with an array of experiences. The capital of Catalonia is sure to dazzle you with its nightlife and Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, and Villefranche offers a quick access to Nice and Monte Carlo. Genoa and Rome will show the different sides of Italy, from a trading city republic to the Eternal City. Palau is a family-friendly resort, and Gibraltar boasts the most famous mountain in the world, from where you can see over to Africa. On board of Oriana you will be offered a wide range of restaurants, bistros, and bars. Decorated in art deco style, the ship has an art gallery and library for those who like a quiet and cultured rest; a range of beauty treatments; and a number of activities for the biggest sport enthusiasts out there.

Another P&O Cruises liner, Oceana, will take you to Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Florence, Pisa and Rome, Ibiza, and Cartagena, returning again via Gibraltar. This is certainly the option for those with the taste for high life and art. Twice on your two-week journey will you get the chance to sample the glitz and style of party life: first, in Monte Carlo, then on Ibiza. The Uffizi gallery in Florence, the Falling Tower of Pisa, and Rome’s Coliseum will add culture to your entertainment, which will not stop on board. In addition to sport activities, beauty treatments, and many a restaurant and bar, you will find glaciers and Lido on Oceana, again at 899 pounds.

Finally, a children-friendly Aurora will take you to the Dalmatian towns of Dubrovnik and Korcula, as well as Italian Venice, and the Greek island of Corfu. Boasting an eclectic style that combines a classic British design, the French chic and the Moorish elegance, Aurora takes you on a Mediterranean cruise for 999 pounds for 16 days. On board you will find not only a number of sport activities, an art gallery, and a Mayfair quarter, but also a beautiful atrium; an array of beauty treatments and exercises, including men packages, body composition, and yoga; and two tier penthouses. Here you can do cloud walking and attend a masquerade, between coming ashore in medieval Dubrovnik or strolling the Venetian canals in gondolas.

Lee Lazarus has written on behalf of Cumbria Cruises, who offer P&O Cruises to worldwide destinations as well as offering holidays on other cruise lines.



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