October 16, 2021 3:50 pm

How Truths and Fears Faced Secure Peace, Love and Joy

The worst fear is to fear the truth. But truth is nothing to fear if we take courage.

The truth of fear is strongest when we fear the truth. But fear is a veneer. Its bark is worse than its bite.

The best of life comes in the embracing of truth most personal. The more personal a truth, the more fear. But if humiliation won’t kill us, what can?

Always does the truth look ugly from afar. But to draw closer is to notice its beauty. There is nothing more reliable and trustworthy than the truth. Facing truth is its own reward.

To inhabit the truth is to live with freedom. Truth is a safe house and facing fear is the doorway in. Truth is also the way out of incarceration.

To meet fear is to meet the truth. But to deny the truth is to hide from the fears that could free us.

When there is no fear of fear the truth stands exposed and is no more a threat. We can become everything God has ordained us to become.


When we no longer fear our fear there is then no barrier to joy and to peace. And we are free to love. Love is no longer an unbearable cost. Then, right before us, is freedom.

Joy stands apart because we fear the truth. Because we cannot go near sorrow and pain and despair, neither can we go near joy.svgdaily

Peace eludes us when we stand apart from our fear. Always striving for peace, we will find it elsewhere than its source: the spirituality of a relationship with God.

Love can be no asset when we fear our truth. Love, as to peace and joy, stands at a distance.

Joy swells in the victory of facing fear. We cannot have joy without dealing with our pain. We cannot have peace without dealing with our conflict. We cannot have love if we do not deal with our fear.

Peace attaches to us whom reconcile with our truth. Righteousness is the progeny of utilising truth; and, peace and righteousness are linked (Psalm 85:10; Isaiah 32:17; 48:18; James 3:18).

Love is the competence of fear mastered. Truth abided by teaches mastery over fear.

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